Welcome to our Camping-Site


Whether nature lovers, anglers, or die-hard campers - everyone comes here at his own expense.
The Campingpark Braunfels is located at the foot of the northern Taunus and offers peace and quiet in a wooded area with a gorgeous view of the castle Braunfels. Located right on the pond area, it is the attraction for many nature lovers, as by a karst spring fed pond does not freeze over and one of even the kingfisher has found a habitat. In the immediate vicinity is the heated outdoor pool which invites us with its Spring towers and imaginatively designed parent-child area Jung Old to exuberant water fun. The health resort Braunfels is only a short distance away and offers many opportunities for recreation. Leave your worries behind and immerse yourself in the unspoilt nature of the northern Taunus.
We look forward to your visit!